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  • George Lakoff is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to framing. Here are several resources, from videos, to blogs, to books:

  • Here’s a link to Lakoff’s website at UC Berkeley. It includes a list of the books he’s written on framing (I highly recommend Don’t Think of an Elephant and The Political Mind).

Covers of George Lakoff books


  • Lakoff is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post. Here’s a link to his blogs on that website.

  • Lakoff also writes for AlterNet. Here’s the link to his blogs on that website.

  • This video looks at the left, the right, and the “family view of government”.

  • This video talks about the myth of the political moderate.

  • In this video, George Lakoff talks about how words matter when it comes to talking about freedom

  • This hour-long video looks at moral politics. The book Moral Politics is not bad too.

cover of Jeffery Feldman's book Framing the Debate

  • What’s a frame? Check out this helpful primer at The Harper Index.

  • Former journalist and progressive politico Dennis Gruending tackles various framing issues.

  • A wealth of resources to better understand Canadian Conservative frames – available at The Harper Index.

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  1. October 14, 2012 4:26 pm

    Thank You Trish Hennessey … I tripped into this site via meeting YOU on twitter … Fantisico !!

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